Helicopter crash filmed by passenger on-board


  • The moment a helicopter crashed into a river was filmed by a passenger aboard 
  • The crash was also shot on-shore by onlookers in Capitolio, Minas Gerais Brazil
  • Passengers can be heard laughing and cheering seconds before the plunge 
  • The three tourists and the pilot survived but the helicopter was written off

Simon Holmes For Mailonline

The shocking moment a helicopter carrying excited tourists span out of control and crashed into a river was caught on camera by a passenger and onlookers ashore. 

The clip from inside the helicopter shows a woman in the front seat, next to the pilot, with two other guests behind. 

Laughter and cheers of excitement can be heard from the guests as the vehicle attempts to circle the Rio Turvo in Capitolio, Brazil.  

Falling: The helicopter begins to plunge into the Rio Curvo in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais 

Excited: The female passenger was eager to get up in the air 

However the experience scaling one of the country’s most famous rivers in the state of Minas Gerais soon turned into a nightmare as the pilot lost control and veered into the water close to the sandy shore. 

Footage of the crash was also taken by onlookers on land and screams can be heard as the low flying helicopter lost altitude and plunged into river just moments after it had taken off.

Another clip was also uploaded showing concerned onlookers rushing to the scene 

The helicopter prepares for lift off next to Rio Curvo 

All seems to be going well as the pilot does laps with the vehicle 

The ruined helicopter after the crash captured by concerned onlookers

Miraculously all three passengers and the pilot survived the crash with minor injuries but the helicopter was destroyed.

Crash investigators believe the accident was caused from a tailwind that prevented the pilot from gaining altitude.

The vehicle was owned by the Wsfly tour company and in the video a motor alarm can be heard although it was ignored by the pilot, according to Aviation Safety Network. 

Take off: The tourists in the back seat admired the view while the other posed for her camera

Losing control: The low flying helicopter quickly lost altitude and plunged into the water 

Crash: The outline of the shore can be seen as the helicopter falls 

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